The keys to Instagram. Part II. The statistics.

The keys to Instagram. Part II. The analytics.

Did you know that it's more important to know how many hours your followers are online than to create awesome content? Well, as unfair as it is, it is. That's Instagram's algorithm, and it's got us all crazy.

Let's say you saw our last post and you decided to create your Instagram user... No, if you read the previous post it's probably because you already have an IG account that you want to get more out of (but if it was the former, drop us a line, it'll be a huge shot of good vibes).

So now let's move on to part two of how to get the most out of your company's Instagram profile: turning your account into a business account.

Here is a manual on how to do it.

Once you have set up your Instagram account as an Instagram account, you can business will start to generate some analysis of our publications, the Instagram statistics, the Instagram Insights. With this tool you can analyse all the activity and profile of your followers:

  • Demographic analysis (it allows us to know from which population centres more people follow us).
  • Gender analysis (what percentage of men and women make up your active audience)
  • Age analysis (among which generation your content is most successful)
  • Your audience's online hours (at what time most followers are online)
  • Results analysis (shows you in an orderly fashion which publications have performed best)

All this allows us to understand what our audience wants and thereby generate content of interest to them.

When we talk about "Instagram strategy" we are referring to knowing what is the content, tastes and schedules of our audience and thus create a schedule that interests them, trying to play with Instagram's algorithm and be able to reach more users.


Instagram statistics not only analyse our followers, but also how effective our posts are. In this aspect, it creates statistics on our content by measuring:

  • Reach (total number of users who have seen a piece of content)
  • Impressions (total number of times a post or story was viewed, can be viewed multiple times by the same account)
  • The comments
  • Interactions with the publication (likes, comments, shares, saves, saves...)
  • The likes
  • Video reproductions
  • Followers gained from this publication
  • Etc.

These are the most important statistical metrics, although others such as the number of times our audience clicked on the "how to reach us" button when viewing the post are also important.

What is all this good for? For do not create content blindly.

Knowing your community is the only way to succeed with your content on Instagram, knowing your stats is the only way to know your community.