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Óptica CarreiraWeb update

Lucía Carreira called us with a very clear concept: she didn't like the website that had been built for her and she wanted us to do something tailored to what she wanted and needed. When we opened the website for the first time, we instantly saw what she wanted to say.

Her website was well planned in terms of content structure and pages, but it did not have the aesthetics, content or visibility she wanted.

We got down to work, we researched with stock images and took as many photos in the physical space of the optician's, we adapted to the aesthetics that Óptica Carreira demanded. 

The result is an intuitive page, with a lot of information at the visitor's disposal, but compressed in drop-downs to make navigation easier, corporate and organised to provide the necessary data in each case.


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webVieja Screenshot 2021-03-30 093351
webVieja Screenshot 2021-03-30 093629


The proposal was based on a total distinction of each service separately and not a page focused on sales or management. Hence the very differentiated pages with compressed content to provide the customer with the necessary information without cluttering up text fields.


The change of vision offered by an optician's shop seemed the ideal moment to use the comparative sliders (one with a blurred image and the other with a clear image) to create the impression of "before going to Óptica Carreira" and "after going to Óptica Carreira".


The website is not focused on online sales but on providing the necessary information to access the physical establishment knowing that you are in good hands, that is why the CTAs always lead to the same point: a telephone number and a contact for appointments.


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