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PicarolaTenda en liña

Picarolas is a small shop in a small village on the coast of Lugo that started as a souvenir shop and from one day to the next it became a textile brand. To speed up their online sales and their expansion throughout Galicia they needed a website that summed up the identity of the project, so we got down to work.


Although the highlight of the website is the shop, they wanted a platform that would also showcase the artists involved in the project, the story behind the shop and its particularities.


As part of the SEO strategy it was decided to implement a blog as a landing page that would allow us to give Ribadeo related content to the website without interfering with the online shop base.


There was a key issue when starting this project: it had to be bilingual in Spanish and Galician. For this, we proposed an instant translation plugin that would allow visitors to choose their language while browsing.

The result is a complete, highly visual and navigable website, which invites the visitor to stay and find out more about the project and not simply as an online shop with specific products.

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