Every time I go into the profile of a client who wants me to manage their social media, the first thing I go into is the bio. You have one chance, just one, to make a first impression on the Instagram user who doesn't yet follow you, and it has to be a good one.

I usually come across biographies that are not schematic, too long, with the means of contact mixed up, the highlights not in order... it is important to start at the beginning.

Your Instagram bio, that little white square with your photo and a bit of text that pops up when you open your profile, talks about you. It has to talk about you. Who you are, what they are going to find on your profile, what your business is, where they can find you, what you sell, what your aesthetic is like and what you can offer them.

What elements should we have in a good Instagram biography:

  • A name that identifies your projectMariadelmarsuarezgomez is fine for a personal profile, but it is not suitable for managing a company's digital communication. The name of your profile should be: as much as possible short possible, easy to remember, eye-catching, concrete y only.
  • A quality photoIf it is a logo that is not pixelated, if it is a photo that has good lighting and if you are a personal brand do not put a picture of yourself in a mirror in the biography. The profile picture, even if it is small, gives us the first impression of where we have just landed.
  • Account titleHere you can, and should, give the information that does not allow you to agglutinate the name of your profile. It is important to include words that define your activity. "Petra Lopez - Lawyer". It is preferable to have a profile called @El_Inwebnadero and explain in the title "digitisation study" that it should be called "elinwebnaderoestududiodigitalizaciónribadeoyciudadreal".
  • Phrase with emotional value from our accountThe claim: it will serve as a starting phrase in our Instagram biography, what we sell emotionally; CocaCola sells happiness and you get sugar water, we need to find that value for our communication. A good claim invites to keep getting to know the Instagram profile.
  • Structured offerThe biography should outline the services that most define the business so that it is easy to access this information. At this point the use of emojis as part of the structure is very visual and attractive.
  • Clear and accessible contact detailsWhere can I call for information, what is the address, do I need an e-mail address... all this has to be accessible at a glance.
  • Link your websiteAt this point it only remains for me to comment "and update the link when you upload topical content, as I will do when I publish this post".
  • Take care of the highlightsFeatured stories are an incredible source of structuring your favourite content on Instagram, they are at the top of the profile and people can access them if they need more information. They can be managed by colours, styles, photos, letters... and so on and so forth, but they must be well cared for, titled and updated to make a good impression.
  • Taking care of the gridWe will deal with this in the next post.

Now you can start to create a quality first impression.

Let's get to work, and if you have any questions or suggestions: Here we are.

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