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In all businesses, the customer service is the most important thing. We have already mentioned above the importance of the omnichannelby putting the user at the centre of all our digital strategies, including the web.

 But how can we communicate with our customer? Social networks can be used to receive comments, carry out simple surveys or resolve doubts. The problem comes when the number of interactions is abysmalHow many times have you been asked when the shipment you have just received arrives, or if you have the XL size of the new t-shirt collection?

If this happens in our shop, everything is easier because we can answer personally during the purchase, solving the customer's problem immediately. On a website, this is just as essential to dispel all doubts during the online purchase or service enquiry. Redirecting to the contact form is not fully effective, as this requires a manual response from us.

In view of this, the chatbots or virtual assistants are emerging as a substitute for the friendly shop assistant who will automatically answer your customer's most common questions online 24 hours a day and at a low cost. This is possible thanks to the artificial intelligencelearning from interactions with people and improving gradually and autonomously.


Advantages and examples of chatbots

The most relevant advantages of adding a chatbot to your website are:

  • They are immediate and will always be available: Respond effectively to emotional and impulsive buying, as we are likely to lose the sale if customers do not receive immediate answers to their questions on the spot.
  • Customer convenience: Many people, especially the younger generation, prefer to interact with virtual interfaces that are instantaneous.
  • Save on costs and time: They are cheaper than a telephone switchboard and allow us to automate processes so that we can focus on what is really important.
But how can we include this friendly helper on our website? One of the easiest alternatives is by using a WordPress plugin such as WPBotThe software, which simply needs to be installed and through a simple configuration can start to solve simple questions and redirect our customers to the information they need.


What if we want to go further? Chatbots can be programmed using the AIML language, defining their behaviour in a customised way, but to make this process easier we can use a web service such as IBM WatsonThe new system, which offers us great potential to analyse and learn from the conversations with our customers and allows us to add other services such as Tone Analizer to determine users' emotions and see how they react to our products or campaigns.

If you want to know more about how to implement this useful tool on your website, or if you need a new website and want to stand out through user service, contact us and we will see how we can help you with your project.

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