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About us

Hi, we are Raúl and Carola, he is a computer engineer and she is a content creator. Together we form The Inwebnadero.

Can you imagine a tandem that can manage your brand strategy and create a specialised website for your business at the same time?

It exists. You provide the idea and we build you a window to the world.

Carola Martinez Ares

Publicist and creative

Raul Garcia Hidalgo Tajuelo

Computer Engineer

How can we help you?

Our experience and knowledge add to your project
photo Raul about us

Raul García - Hidalgo Tajuelo

Web development

SEO Consulting

Maintenance and technological solutions

Fusion Middleware Consultant

avanttic Technology Consulting

Madrid, Spain

Web Developer


Ciudad Real, Spain

Computer programmer


Ciudad Real, Spain

Degree in Computer Engineering


Ciudad Real, Spain

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